Equipment and Competences

Who are we?
Founded under the leadership of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters` Association, and with the partnership of Güneydoğu Anadolu, Uludağ, Akdeniz, Ege Tekstil ve Hammaddeleri İhracatçıları Birlikleri and Textile Technology Institute at RWTH Aachen University—one of Germany’s leading textile technology institutes— “İstanbul Tekstil Araştirma Geliştirme ve Eğitim A.Ş“ is a project of many firsts. In addition to being the first sectorial Research and Development Center which will develop fiber based technological solutions, it is a project, in which the knowledge and competencies of the newest generation of Turkish researchers who have specialized in R&D in Germany will be brought to our country.

In ITA Istanbul, we develop new raw sources, new production technologies and innovative work models to provide economical, ecological and social innovations for future changes in the Turkish Textile Sector. We provide fiber-based solutions for application areas such as transportation, construction-building, communication-information technology, healthcare, as well as the traditional textile industry.

Non-woven pilot production line
Non-woven pilot production line • One meter width
• Carding machine unit
• Powder scattering unit
• Cross lapper unit
• Pre-needle punching
• Main needle punching
• Flat thermo-bonding oven
• Oil-heated thermo-bonding calendar


Coating and lamination pilot production line
Coating and lamination pilot production line • One meter width
• 19 meters length
• Coating knifes
• Blade over air technique
• Blade over cylinder
• Dip- coating (dipping)
• Transfer- coating
• Stenter (two- section)
• Laminating unit

Staple fiber processing and finishing: Integrated sample manufacturing line from fiber to finished fabric.
• Laboratory carding machine
• Laboratory drawing machine
• Laboratory ring spinning machine
• Laboratory winding machine
• Laboratory twisting machine
• Laboratory circular knitting machine
• Laboratory dyeing machine machine
• Laboratory stenter (heat & steam)
• Pilot washing machine (for denims and garments)
• Laboratory coating machine

Nanotechnology devices
• Nanospider
• Electrospinning (WES, SES)
• Spinning heads: 1.
• Width of spinning electrode: At least 200 mm
• Width of nanofibrous layer: At least 300 mm
• Voltage: At least from 0 KV to 40 KV
• Current: At least up to a maximum of 500 ma
• Raw material: Water soluble polymers
• Fibre diameters: From 200 nm to 400 nm

Waste water treatment
• Coagulation-flocculation-flottation pilot plant
• Coagulation-flocculation-sedimentation pilot plant
• Membrane filtration pilot plant
• Ozonization pilot plant
• Press filter pilot plant
• Organic absorption pilot plant

Energy measurement and monitoring systems
• Thermal camera (photo& video)
• Flue gas analyser
• Infrared thermometer
• Multimeter
• Oscilloscope

Other laboratory equipments
• Sound level meter
• Light stroboscope
• Laboratory coating machine

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