Testing, Monitoring and Certification

Who are we?
Founded under the leadership of Istanbul Textile and Raw Materials Exporters` Association, and with the partnership of Güneydoğu Anadolu, Uludağ, Akdeniz, Ege Tekstil ve Hammaddeleri İhracatçıları Birlikleri and Textile Technology Institute at RWTH Aachen University—one of Germany’s leading textile technology institutes— “İstanbul Tekstil Araştirma Geliştirme ve Eğitim A.Ş“ is a project of many firsts. In addition to being the first sectorial Research and Development Center which will develop fiber based technological solutions, it is a project, in which the knowledge and competencies of the newest generation of Turkish researchers who have specialized in R&D in Germany will be brought to our country.

In ITA Istanbul, we develop new raw sources, new production technologies and innovative work models to provide economical, ecological and social innovations for future changes in the Turkish Textile Sector. We provide fiber-based solutions for application areas such as transportation, construction-building, communication-information technology, healthcare, as well as the traditional textile industry.

Who is TFI Aachen GmbH?
The TFI Aachen GmbH is a modern institute providing services predominantly in the field of testing, monitoring and certification of construction products as well as technology transfer. The focus is set on interior products. The testing and certification activities include safety, health and quality aspects.

Most important fields of work are:
• Fire testing
• Emission testing
• Analysis of harmful substances
• Acoustic testing
• Heat testing
• Functional testing

TFI holds the following accreditations and nominations:
• Accreditation as testing laboratory according to ISO 17025
• Accreditation as certification body according to ISO 17065
• Notified body for the construction product regulation (EU) (notification No. 1658)
• Notification according to EN 13813 (screed materials)
• Notification according to EN 14041 (resilient, textile and laminate floor coverings)
• Notification according to EN 14342 (parquet and wooden floors)
• Notification according to EN 14904 (surfaces for sports areas)
• Notification according to EN 15102 (decorative wall coverings)
• Horizontal notification for reaction to fire
• Horizontal notification for the release of dangerous substances
• Testing laboratory, inspection and certification body within the scope of national technical approvals (DIBt)
• Testing and monitoring body for the TÜV PROFiCERT-product Interior mark
• Testing and monitoring body for the GUT-label
• Testing laboratory for the classification of textile floor coverings, mattresses, upholstery, resilient floor coverings and flooring installation products according to RAL (Blue Angel)

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